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In the aftermath of the Kennedy assassination, commemorative record albums were rushed out, mostly containing speeches and biographical content. But the one record album that serves as a document of the Four Days That Shocked The World was released in late 1963 by Columbia Pictures subsidiary ColPix records. The album collected actual sound from UPI Audio News and Dallas stations KBOX, KLIF and WFAA. The narration is by Reid Collins of WNEW Radio News in New York. WNEW reporter Ike Pappas is heard witnessing the shooting of Oswald in one of the album's most gripping sequences. This historic record album is one that families likely played on a console stereo system, sharing their grief and awe at the events as they unfold in real time, in the power of sound.  Four Days That Shocked The World...the actual voices and events of November 22-25, 1963.

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