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VE 337 8 18 17

Tom Jones: Elvis Presley Blues U2: Elvis Presley And America Elvis Presley: Don't Be Cruel, Teddy Bear, Good Luck Charm, Tommorow Is A Long Time Dire Straits: Calling Elvis Jimmy Webb: Elvis And Me Mrc Cohn: Walking In Memphis Mojo Nixon: Elvis Is Everywhere Cowboy Junkies: Blue Moon Revisited (Song For Elvis) Groucho Marx: Omaha Nebraska, Father's Day, "Samson And Delilah story" from An Evening With Groucho


“Apocalyptic Rock”


Elvis Costello: Waiting For The End Of The World

The Doors: Ship Of Fools

The Who: Had Enough

Aphrodite's Child: Four Horsemen

Metallica: The Four Horsemen

The Fixx: Red Skies

Peter Gabriel: Here Comes The Flood

The Clash: London Calling

Julian Cope: Five O Clock World

U2: Seconds

David Bowie: Five Years

Bob Dylan: Ain't Talkin


VE 134


Jerry's Choice


Bobby "Blue" Bland: Turn On Your Love Light

Henry Thomas: Don't Ease Me In

Buddy Holly: Not Fade Away

Cliff Carlsile: Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad

Bonnie Dobson: Morning Dew

Peter Paul & Mary: Early Morning Rain

Reverend Gary Davis: Samson & Delilah

Chuck Berry: Johnny B. Goode

Everly Brothers: Wake Up Little Suzie

Dixie Cups: Iko Iko

Merle Haggard: Mama Tried

Hank Williams: You Win Again

Martha & The Vandellas: Dancing In The Streets

Olympics: Good Lovin'

Wilson Pickett: The Midnight Hour

Otis Redding: Hard To Handle

Beatles: Why Don't We Do it In the Road?

Spencer Davis Group: Gimmie Some Lovin'

Traffic: Dear Mr. Fantasy

Bob Dylan: Knockin' On Heaven's Door


VE 133


A salute to the telegraph and telegrams...


Dire Straits: Telegraph Road

Glen Campbell: Wichita Lineman

Peter Gabriel: And Through The Wire

Eels: Jungle Telegraph

Orchestral Manouvers In the Dark: Telegraph

Jimmy Buffett: Coconut Telegraph

Brook Benton: Moonlight In Vermont

Five Americans: Western Union

T Rex; Telegram Sam

Rush: Yyz

B52's: Planet Claire

Clash: London Calling


Today on the VE:


"What Hath God Wrought?"  Those were the first words transmitted by telegraph in Morse code by Samuel Morse in 1844.  And so electronic communication was born.  We've come a long way baby!  And the wires are humming with songs that honor the first ancient technology of telecommmunication

VE 303 7/16/16

Ice Cream Cathedral: An Armfu Of Rubies Love: The Good Humor Man Van Halen: Ice Cream Man Dinah Washigton (with The Dells and Quincy Jones) Am I Blue The Dells: Oh What A Night Hall & Oates: She's Gone Joe Cocker: The Letter (studio version) Peter Frampton: Show Me The Way (studio version) Paul McCartney: Maybe I'm Amazed (studio version) Johnny Rivers: Maybelline (live version) Peter Gabriel: I Go Swimming Nirvana: Jesus Don't Want Me For A Sunbeam Jackson Browne: Running On Empty Neil Young: Powderfinger

VE 336 7 14 17

Beck: Dreams (acapella and instrumental) Steve Winwood: Roll With It (Stevie Testifies mix) Cheap Trick live at Budokon (Ain't That A Shame, I Want You To Want Me, Surrender) Ryan Adams: Do You Still Love Me Gary Wright: Dreamweaver Moon Martin: Bad Case Of Loving You Cherrelle: I Dodn't Mean To Turn You On Robert Palmer: Looking For Clues Fats Domino: Lovely Rita Fats Domino: Lady Madonna


VE 131 Prehistoric Rock:

Roll 'Em Pete Big Joe Turner 1938

House of Blue Lights Freddie Slack (co-writer with Don Ray) and Ella Mae Morse 1946

Down the Road Apiece: Will Bradley Trio 1940

Good Rockin' Tonight: Wynonie Harris: 1948

Joe Liggins: The Honeydripper

Bull Moose Jackson: Big Ten Inch

Amos Milburn: One Bourbon, One Scotch One Beer

Sister Rosetta Tharpe: Rock Daniel 1941

The Fat Man: Fats Domino:

Louis Jordan & His Tympany 5 : Ain't That Just Like a Woman

Julia Lee and her Boyfriends Gotta Gimme Whatcha Got

We're Gonna Rock Wild Bill Moore 1947

Rock t he Joint: Jimmy Preston 1949

Move It On Over Hank Williams 1947

Jack Guthrie: Oakie Boogie

Woody Guthrie: Jesus Christ

Robert Wilkins; That's No Way To Get Along

Rolling Stones: Not Fade Away

Van Morrison : In The Days Before Rock And Roll.

VE 131 Prehistoric Rock

Today on the VE---rock, before it rolled. A rumage through the pre-historic rock vaults for songs that

foreshadowed rock and roll, compiled by guest programmer Dan Miele. These are vintage recordings but

their vitality will surprise you. I'm PC and this is the VE

Roll 'Em Pete Big Joe Turner 1938

Prehistoric rock on the VE. From the year 1938 AD that's the blues shouting daddy of em all, Big Joe

Turner with "Roll Em Pete." One of the first R&B recordings to make use of what was to become the rock

and roll back beat - as opposed to the more common shuffle rhythm. This song was later recorded by

Count Basie, and Joe recorded with the Basie band in later years. Joe Turner was the frist to record Shake,

Rattle and Roll, which later became a hit for Bill Haley and His Comets.

Things are really rockin at the House Of Blue Lights....Freddie Slack and Ella May Morse...

House of Blue Lights Freddie Slack (co-writer with Don Ray) and Ella Mae Morse 1946

Down the Road Apiece: Will Bradley Trio 1940

Dinosaurs roam the earth again--it's prehistoric rock on the VE. A couple there that were echoed in 60s

rock. Mitch Ryder refefrenced "house Of Blue Lights" by Freddie Slack and Ella Mae Morse, and The

Rolling Stones covered Will Bradley's "Down The Road Apiece."

Robert Plant recorded this one by Wynonie Mr Blues Harris with his group The Honeydrippers...and I'll

follow it up with the song that gave th eband their name.........

Good Rockin' Tonight: Wynonie Harris: 1948

Joe Liggins: The Honeydripper

The Honeydripper was Joe Liggins, who along with Wynonie Harris, was an inspiration to Robert Plant.

It's prehistoric rock on the VE. Here are a couple you'll know from their rock covers by Aerosmith and

George Thorogood....

Bull Moose Jackson: Big Ten Inch ***pull from YOutube


Amos Milburn: One Bourbon, One Scotch One Beer *** pull from


The VE with prehistoric rock from Amos Milburn and Bull Moose Jackson...with the original versions of

songs you know well from seventies rock. Here's someon ewho held the title "queen of rock and roll"

when the competition iin thie category was pretty slim....but Sister Rosetta Tharpe had it all goin

gon...gospel chops and sex appeal....

Sister Rosetta Tharpe: Rock Daniel 1941

The Fat Man: Fats Domino:

The VE with PreHistoric Rock....but it begins inprope with thhe fat man, Antione Domino, from

1950....the tune is a variation on the traditional New Orleans tune Junker's Blues, which also provided the

melody for Lloyd Price's Lawdy Miss Clawdy.

Now, the guy known as the King of the Jukebox. Louis Jordan and His Tympany Five tore it up with

hilarious story-songs. His guitarist Carl Hogan guitar has been cited by Chuck Berry as one of his main


Louis Jordan & His Tympany 5 : Ain't That Just Like a Woman 1946


Julia Lee and her Boyfriends Gotta Gimme Whatcha Got 1946http://www.youtube.com/watch?


The VE with Prehistoric rock.. THAT girfriend could sing! Julia Lee And Her Boyfriends..who just

happened to be two legendary names of jazz-- Benny Carter and Red Norvo. No small wonder that she

commanded such prime session men--Julia sang and played piano in her brother George Lee's band,

which for a time also included Charlie Parker.

So where did 'rock" really begin? 1947--Wild Bill Moore

We're Gonna Rock Wild Bill Moore 1947

Rock the Joint: Jimmy Preston 1949

The VE with Prehistoric Rock, and the name itself, attributed to Clevland DJ Alan Freed, was taken from

tenor sax man Will Bill Moore's "We're Gonna Rock" which showed up on his Moondog Show radio

programs...also Jimmy Preston and Rock The Joint.

Let's rock out today's VE with one more that George Thorogood latched on to, by a legend of country

music who died before rock was born...

Move It On Over Hank Williams 1947

Jack Guthrie: Oakie Boogie

The Year was 1947. And like the legendary flying saucer that crash landed in Roswell, New Mexico, the

alien music life form of rock and roll was taking shape with some help from country cousin Hank

Williams, and right there Jack Guthrie and the western swing jam "Oakie Boogie, which Bill Haley's

Rock Around The Clock owes a debt to. Jack was the cousin of the seminal American music figure who

would have been 100 years old this week. Woody introduced one element of what would become rock

that we haven't touched on yet...the political and intellectual...soomething that was rare in popular music

of his day...but as a folk singer, Woody could speak his mind, and he makes an obvious political

statement in this song from 1940:

Woody Guthrie: Jesus Christ

Robert Wilkins; That's No Way To Get Along

Pre Historic Rock on The VE....Woody Guthrie, Jesus Christ, and Revered Robert Wilkins, "That's No

Way To Get Along..." rock rooted in bible stories....and that last one brings us to the half century mark

this week of the British rock band that brought all the early influences together in an entirely new,

original sound.

Rolling Stones: Not Fade Away

50 years ago, the Rolling Stones played their first gig at The Marquee Club in London. This week, they

posed outside thevenue and strongly hinted at a fiftieth anniversary tour. Not Fade Away. 20 years ago,

let alone 50, who would have thought that would be The Rolling Stones legacy.

To top off this VE exploration of Prehistoric rock, here is an evocative and epic song by another great

interperter of the rock roots. From his 1990 album "Enlightenment," Van Morrsion sings of "The Days

Before Rock And Roll, " and how those distant radio signals in the deepest night brought a brilliant new

light into his young world.

Van Morrison : In The Days Before Rock And Roll.

And that's the VE. A true mystic poet, Van Morrsion always finds a way to say it for all of us.

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VE 227 6/27/14


Joni Mitchell - Night Ride Home

Chicago: Saturday In The Park-

CCR; Born On the Bayou

Bruce Springsteen - Darlington County

Frank Sinatra: There Used to Be a Ballpark

Grateful Dead: Jack Straw

John Prine: The Great Compromise

Ryan Adams - New York, New York

Mary Martin: A Wonderful Guy (from South Pacific Original Cast)

Nirvana: Lake of Fire

Jackson Browne: Of Missing Persons

Better Than Ezra: Good

Stevie Wonder: I Just Called To Say I Loved You


Today on the VE...it's ALMOST the 4th of July.  Can we fill an hour with vinyl spins of songs that name-check the holiday...and one that famously doesn't...even though it mentions every othe rholiday under the sun? 

VE 335 6 23 17 (Chuck's influences)

Ernest Tubb: Thirty Days Chuck Berry: Thirty Days Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys: Ida Red Chuck Berry: Maybelline Johnny Rivers: Maybelline Louis Jordan: Ain't That Just Like A Woman Chuck Berry: Roll Over Beethoven Jimmy McCracklin: Rockin' All Day Joe Turner: Feelin' Happy Linda Ronstadt: Back In The USA Beatles: Back In The USSR Rolling Stones: Down The Road Apiece Will Bradley Trio feat. Freddie Slack: Down The Road Apiece Ten Years After: I'm Going Homem (live at Woodstock) Delanie & Bonnie & Friends: Little Richard Medley

VE 334 Monterey 6 16 17

Jimi Hendrix Experience: Wild Thing

The Who: Happy Jack

Grateful Dead: The Golden Road To Unlimited Devotion

Jefferson Airpane: White Rabbit

Ravi Shankar: Spring Festival Of Colors

Hugh Masakela: Bajabula Bonke (Healing Song)

Janis Ian: Society's Child

Otis Redding: I've Been Loving You Too Long

Simon & Garfunkel: At The Zoo

Laura Nyro: Wedding Bell Blues

The Byrds: He Was A Friend Of Mine

Buffalo Springfield: Rock And Roll Woman

Big Brother & The Holding Company: Ball & Chain


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