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Commemorating the 40th Anniversary of Nixon's resignation

Connie Francis: Nixon's The One

John Lennon: Gimmie Some Truth

Denver Boise & Johnson: The '68 Nixon

Little Kathy Hoffman: Kathy's Letter

Neil Young: Campaigner

Country Joe McDonald: Tricky Dicky

Michael J. Brody Jr.: The War Is Over

Gene Marshall: God Bless Richard Nixon

Tom T. Hall: Watergate Blues

Bob Kirkpatrick: Watergate Blues

Howlin' Wolf: Watergate Blues

Big Joe Williams: Watergate Blues

The Honey Drippers: Impeach The President

Phil Ochs: Here's To The State Of Richard Nixon

Stevie Wonder: You Haven't Done Nothing

David Bowie: Young Americans

The Dead Kennedys: We've Got A Bigger Problem Now

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