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Today on the VE....50 years ago, the world lived through what might have been the most tense week in modern history...more for what might have happened, than for what did. A half century after The Cuban Missile Crisis, an hour of songs that evoke the events...and the era...

Police: Born In The '50's

John Fogerty: I Saw It On TV

Coldplay: Don't Panic

Pink Floyd: Goodbye Blue Sky

Thomas Dolby: One Of Our Submarines

Men At Work: It's A Mistake

Elton John: Nikita

Red Hot Chili Peppers: Havana Affair

Urge Overkill: Sister Havana

Blondie: Accidents Never Happen

Elvis Costello: Accidents Will Happen

The Fixx: Red Skies

U2: Seconds

The Smiths: Ask

Skeeter Davis: The End Of The World

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