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Today on the VE...

We're on location in New York's Soho gallery Recess for artist Rutheford Chang's exhibit "We Buy White Albums." 650 numbered first-pressings of the 1968 self titled Beatles album are presented in an interactive exhibit. In between, some unique interpertations of the albums songs, in their order of appearance on the original.

Billy Joel: Back In the USSR

Siouxsee & The Banshees: Dear Prudence

The Marmalade: Ob la Di Ob La Da

The Pixies: Wild Honey Pie

Kenny Rankin: While My Guitar Gently Weeps

Danger Mouse/Jay Z/Beatles: What More Can I Say

The Breeders: Happiness Is A Warm Gun

Slade (aka Ambrose Slade): Martha My Dear

CSN: Blackbird

Georgia Satellites: Don't Pass Me By

Harry Nilsson: Mother Nature's Son

The Feelies: Everybody's Got Something To Hide (Except Me And My Monkey)

Paul Weller: Sexy Sadie

U2: Helter Skelter

Barbara Striesand: Honey Pie

Ella Fitzgerald: Savoy Truffle

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