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Mondo Cane Original Soundtrack (Riz Ortolani & Nino Oliviero: More (Life Savers Girls)

Frank Sinatra/Count Basie Orchestra: More

Jeremy Messersmith: Tourniquet

Supremes: Love Child

Phil Collins: Behind The Lines

Billy Swan: I Can Help

Talk Talk: I Believe In You

Radiohead: Just

Faust: It's A Bit Of A Pain

Flaming Lips: Going On

The National: Fake Empires

Brazilian Girls: Lazy Lover

Gabor Szabo: Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds

Today on the VE:

Progressive Pioneers....Prog rock daddys Faust in the 70's, and Post-Rock daredevils Talk Talk in the 80s...influencers of Radiohead, Flaming Lips and The National. We'll hear all those spun from the original vinyl, plus a new spin from Minnesota songwriter Jeremy Messersmith, and a taste of the "other" Moneterey ...the Jazz festival that closed out the spectacular summer of '67.

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