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VE 136 Late Summer Songs

Today on the VE--had enough of summer...back of your neck feelin' dirt & gritty...for the hour, summer songs about winding the season down, each with that touch of mid August melancholy...and autumn closing in...

Jefferson Airplane: Coming Back To Me

Frank Black: The End Of Summer

Flaming Lips: It's Summertime

Chad & Jeremy: A Summer Song

Bob Dylan: Floater (To Much To Ask)

David Bromberg: New Leigh Highway Blues

The Decembersits: Summersong

Beach Boys: All Summer Long

Style Council: Long Hot Summer

Sly & The Family Stone: Hot Fun In the Summertime

The Cure: The Last Day Of Summer

The Hollies: Bus Stop

The Kinks: Summer's Gone

The Doors: Summer's Almost Gone

Frank Sinatra: The Summer Wind

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