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Grace Jones Private Life

Amadou & Miriam: Welcome To Mali

Marvin Gaye: Stubborn Kind Of Fellow

Penguin Cafe Orchestra: Walk Don't Run

Real Estate: Atlantic City

Billy Mure's Supersonic Guitars: Guitars In Space

Steve Winwood: Roll With It (Steve Testifies Dub)

Tom Jones: Memphis, Tennessee

The Who: Call Me Lightning

Devo: Fresh

MGMT: Electric Feel

James: Laid (live acoustic)

Ray LaMontagne: Beg Steal or Borrow

Phosphorescent: Song For Zula

Edgar Broughton Band: Hotel Room

Today on the VE: Remembering Devo guitarist Bob Casale, A forgotton guitar star surfaces in my Garage Sale Find Of the Week... Tom Jones hip-shakes Chuck Berry, James unplugs and gets laid...and to begin, Grace Jones has her way with a Pretenders nugget

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