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Little Green Cars: Harper Lee

Charlie & Inez Foxx: Mockingbird

Grant Lee Buffalo: Mockingbirds

Mark Knophler: Beryl

Dire Straits: Lady Writer

The Monotones: The Book Of Love

Rockpile: When I Write The Book

Elvis Costello & The Attractions: Everyday I Write The Book

Green Day: Who Wrote Holden Caufield?

David Bowie: 1984

The Police: Don't Stand So Close To Me

Simon & Garfunkel: The Dangling Conversation

Loggins & Messina: House At Pooh Corner

Jefferson Airplane: White Rabbit

Ramones: Pet Semetary

Cream: Tales Of Brave Ulysses

The Beatles: Paperback Writer


Today on the VE: Welcome Back, Harper Lee! The literary world got a jolt this week with news that the 88 year old author of To Kill A Mockingbird has sanctioned the release of a long lost earlier work that will serve as a follow up to the groundbreaking novel of 55 years ago. Can we fill the pages of today's show with just songs of literary reference? Well, we'll start with a song called "Harper Lee" by Irish band Little Green Cars, and take it from there.

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